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With a Security-first Architecture

Eliminate the challenges of cyberattacks and compliance violations with Kiteworks’ Managed File Transfer, part of the Kiteworks Private Content Network. Engineered for simplicity, security, and governance, Kiteworks’ MFT is a scalable and reliable solution that has been transforming custom-scripted transfer projects for years. Deploy the virtual appliance cluster or hosted service to benefit from its hardened virtual appliance vault and built-in defense in depth. Configure your policies, trading partner workflows, and start operations; then relax in the knowledge that your auditors and SOC will be able to view every transaction detail with the integrated audit reports, security analytics, and your SIEM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a software system that helps organizations securely exchange large volumes of information. It enables an end-to-end data transfer process that supports the secure transfer of data between different systems and networks. MFT offers multiple features such as encryption, automation, and auditing to ensure secure transfer of data. It also provides features to monitor, track, and control the transmission of sensitive data.

Managed file transfer (MFT) offers businesses several advantages over other forms of file transfer. These advantages include: increased security such as encryption and authentication; automation that saves time and money by streamlining processes; centralized management to maintain visibility and control over file transfers from a centralized platform; comprehensive auditing that provides an audit trail of all user activities; improved scalability so organizations can easily increase their file transfer capacity and throughput, enabling them to accommodate greater amounts of file transfers and data.

MFT platforms use a variety of security measures to protect data, including secure protocols, encryption, and authentication. In addition, access control is often used to ensure that only authorized users can access the data. Depending on the platform, additional features like audit tracking, monitoring and alerting, and automated workflows may also be available.

Yes, many managed file transfer platforms are designed to be compatible with existing systems and infrastructure. Depending on the platform and your specific requirements, MFT can be used to securely transfer data between systems, or to integrate with existing workflows and processes.


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