Keep Your Email Communications Private

Keeping email communications private ensures that PII, PHI, and IP does not fall into the wrong hands. In certain industries, protecting sensitive data in email communications is also a legal requirement. As part of the Kiteworks Private Content Network, Kiteworks secure email enables organizations to keep their emails private, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance. It also lets them build trust with customers, partners, and other stakeholders, leading to increased loyalty, a competitive advantage, and peace of mind. Kiteworks secure email and the Kiteworks Microsoft Outlook plugin allow organizations and their employees to send private emails with the highest levels of security and compliance, using encryption, policy-based rules, access controls, auditing, and reporting capabilities. The Kiteworks Email Protection Gateway automates email protection with policy-based, end-to-end encryption to protect private email content from cloud service providers and malware attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

A secure email or a secure email service is an encrypted method of communication that allows users to send and receive messages without compromising the privacy of the content. It protects messages from being seen or intercepted by unauthorized third parties.

Secure email and secure email services usually employ encryption, authentication, and access control measures. Encryption makes it difficult for hackers to access the communication by scrambling messages and making them unreadable to unauthorized parties. Authentication verifies the identity of the message sender and access control limits who can view the message.

You can ensure the security of your emails by using a secure email service. This will encrypt your messages and protect them from being intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Additionally, you can use two-factor authentication for added security.

Using a secure email service lets you keep your email communications private and confidential. It also helps you comply with data privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

You can verify that secure email has been properly implemented by confirming whether or not the email program you are using is compliant with the security industry’s best practices and standards such as the S/MIME or PGP protocols.

Kiteworks enables users to create secure emails by applying secure encryption protocols to content before it is sent. Users can also secure emails sent through Kiteworks by setting expiration rules and controlling who can access the emails. Additionally, emails sent from Kiteworks are automatically scanned for malicious content to ensure that only secure emails are sent.


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