Protect Sensitive Information and Increase Productivity

Shared Files and Folders | Secure File Sharing

  • Give users a simple, secure, private way to share confidential information
  • Provide the same ease of use found in consumer cloud file sharing apps
  • Designated business users give external parties access privileges to folders and individual files, such as watermarked view-only, download, and upload/edit
  • Designated business users request files from external partners so they can upload sensitive content in compliance
  • Ensure productivity with tight integration to email, mobile, office and enterprise apps

Easy Online Collaboration and Seamless Workflow Integration

Collaboration | Secure File Sharing

  • Co-author using seamless Microsoft Office integration
  • Access a document from any enterprise repository from any device
  • Collaborate with any user, anywhere in the world
  • Make collaboration more effective with tools like tracking, versioning, and search
  • Integrate email collaboration with shared folder collaboration

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Analyze Your Strategic Options With Complete Confidentiality

Virtual Data Rooms | Secure File Sharing

  • Keep all stakeholders informed with the highest security
  • Secure repository for M&A, fundraising, bankruptcy, litigation, etc.
  • Seamless Microsoft collaborative editing
  • Content expiration and need-to-know permissions
  • Third party user identity, 2FA, and expiration
  • Immutable audit trail, reporting and analytics

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Maximize Security, Compliance and Efficiency In All Your Board Communications

Secure Boardroom Communications | Secure File Sharing

  • A single source of record, including full visibility and auditability of all file activity
  • Upload / download agendas, minutes, and budgets with same ease of use found in consumer cloud file sharing apps– no more printing or emailing board books!
  • Receive automatic notifications of downloads, uploads, new versions, and comments
  • Secure email and message body; only authenticated users can read the message
  • AES-256 encryption, FIPS 140-2 validated and FedRAMP Authorized

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Lock Down Access with Tight Security

Security | Secure File Sharing

  • Prevent secure file sharing leaks, breaches and malicious attacks
  • Control folder structure, access, permissions, expiration, locking and versioning
  • Strike the right balance between security and usability by delegating authority to managers
  • Strong encryption in transit and at rest
  • Flexible on-premise, private cloud, hybrid and FedRAMP deployment options

Ensure Compliance and Data Quality with Total Visibility

Governance | Secure File Sharing

  • Enforce compliance and data governance with total visibility
  • Detailed system logs, standard compliance reports, and CISO dashboard
  • Demonstrate secure file sharing compliance quickly and easily for HIPAA and GDPR
  • Maintain data quality and reduce storage costs
  • Detailed usage statistics identify outdated, unused folders and files

Take control of your sensitive information