Why Kiteworks MFT?
Other MFT products encrypt content in transit, but leave protecting the server
up to you. Save time complying with regulations and managing cyber risk
with Kiteworks’ built-in defense in depth and comprehensive, unified logging.
Automate and scale business processes with suppliers, outsourcers, regulators,
and customers, transferring even the most sensitive content with confidence.
Protect Sensitive Content With Built-in Defense in Depth
Hardened virtual appliance, embedded firewall and WAF, regular pen testing, bounty program
Granular governance controls, encryption in transit and at rest, one-click full-system updates
Assume-breach internal architecture slows attackers and rapidly alerts SecOps
Cover All Your Use Cases With the Flexible Kiteworks Architecture
Connect to repositories, on-premises and cloud file shares, local files, enterprise apps, cloud storage
Transfer over protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, and SMTP
Integrate DLP, ATP, antivirus, and CDR scans into workflows
Secure MFT Server centralizes large-scale automated operations and multi-user authoring and management
Secure MFT Clients automate local workflows, and access local files and processes on Windows
Optimize Managed File Transfer
Governance, Compliance, and
Content Protection
Unifying, tracking, controlling, and
securing sensitive MFT communications
with Kiteworks
Drag-and-drop Flow Authoring
Onboard new trading partners at the
speed of business
Visual Operations Console
Transfer masses of files reliably in an
unreliable world
Unified, Standardized Logging
Comply with privacy regulations
around the world
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