Accelerate Your Cyber Essentials Plus Certification and Do Business With the UK Government Faster With Kiteworks

Seeking to do business with the UK government but need to be Cyber Essentials Plus Certified? You can accelerate your Cyber Essentials Plus Certification while locking in your business with UK government agencies with Kiteworks. Kiteworks is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and helps organizations comply with their Cyber Essentials Plus requirements by managing five technical control themes and Administrative Accounts that are necessary for certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is a program established by the UK government to help organizations looking to bid for UK central government contracts of all sizes protect themselves against online threats. It is designed to be a straightforward, affordable way for organizations to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary steps to safeguard their data and devices against cyberattacks.

Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment certification that attests an organization provides the necessary protections against common cyber threats. Cyber Essentials Plus, by contrast, involves third-party testing and verification of an organization’s cybersecurity measures. Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrates an organization’s secure handling of sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) and is required for organizations to bid for central government contracts. Cyber Essentials Plus requires a self-assessment questionnaire as well as an independent assessment by the IASME Consortium of the organization’s systems. Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is intended to provide a higher level of assurance to stakeholders that an organization’s cybersecurity measures are effective.

Any organization that operates in the UK, regardless of its size or industry, can apply for Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. This includes businesses, charities, schools, and other types of organizations.

There are several benefits to obtaining a UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. Firstly, it helps protect your organization against common cyberattacks and reduces your risk of data breaches. Secondly, it reassures your customers and stakeholders that you take cybersecurity seriously and have taken additional steps to safeguard their data. Finally, UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification helps your organization comply with additional regulations and contractual obligations that require organizations to demonstrate their cybersecurity effectiveness.

At present, UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is not mandatory for organizations. However, some government contracts and other procurement processes may require organizations to hold Cyber Essentials Plus Certification as a prerequisite. Additionally, some industry bodies or regulators may recommend or require Cyber Essentials Plus Certification for their members or licensees.

Kiteworks provides organizations a private content network that helps organizations with UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification in several ways.

Secure file sharing: Kiteworks offers end-to-end encryption, in alignment with the UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification’s requirement for ensuring sensitive information is protected during transit and at rest.

User access controls: Kiteworks allows administrators to set up granular access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information, in alignment with the UK Cyber Essentials Plus Certification’s requirement to have robust user access controls in place.

Overall, Kiteworks helps organizations meet several of the key requirements for UK Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, so organizations can share confidential data securely and mitigate the risk of a cyberattack.


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