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High-profile data leaks and cyberattacks highlight the business risk organizations face whenever they process, store, send, or receive sensitive content. The Kiteworks Private Content Network provides organizations security, governance, and compliance over the sensitive content they share with trusted parties by email, file sharing, file transfer, and other channels. Security features like end-to-end email encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a hardened virtual appliance ensure the sensitive content in emails and files stays protected from unauthorized access. Comprehensive tracking—who sends what to whom and when—and audit logs demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations and standards. With Kiteworks, organizations know that the sensitive content they share is fully protected and in compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Private Content Network is a software platform that consolidates communication channels like email, file sharing, managed file transfer (MFT), web forms, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), etc., enabling organizations to control, protect, and track the sensitive information they send, receive, share, and store. These capabilities allow organizations to significantly improve risk management while ensuring regulatory compliance on all sensitive content communications.

A private content delivery network (CDN) is a dedicated system that is used exclusively by one organization to deliver content to its stakeholders. A private CDN stores and delivers content from the organization’s own cloud or on-premises servers, providing greater control, reliability, flexibility, and compliance. The Kiteworks Private Content Network is an example of a private CDN, as it consolidates communication channels like email, file sharing, MFT, etc., and tracks, controls, and secures sensitive content moving within, into, and out of an organization.

A public content delivery network (CDN), by contrast, is a network used by multiple organizations and companies to deliver content to their audiences. The content is stored on the CDN’s servers and is shared among the different organizations. Public CDNs tend to be less expensive than private CDNs but also provide less control, security, and flexibility.

Kiteworks delivers a Private Content Network by unifying visibility and security across siloed third-party communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, managed file transfer, and SFTP. By leveraging security capabilities like double encryption, multi-factor authentication, identity access management, along with granular access controls and robust, comprehensive audit logs, Kiteworks ensures that content is only accessible to authorized senders and recipients and is stored and shared in compliance with data privacy regulations.

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