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The integration of Kiteworks’ Private Content Network with iManage’s work product management solutions provides iManage users with crucial security and compliance capabilities. By choosing either a private cloud or on-premises deployment, iManage customers can eliminate the risk of data co-mingling and demonstrate to their clients and partners that content security and data privacy are top priorities. Additionally, Kiteworks provides iManage users full visibility into where sensitive content is stored and with whom it’s being shared. This level of visibility helps organizations comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, and other rigorous standards.

Lawyers can securely share confidential information in iManage through various methods. iManage provides secure workspaces where authorized individuals can collaborate and share documents with access controls like role-based permissions, multi-factor authentication, version control, and audit logs. iManage also supports encryption of stored documents, ensuring sensitive content remains protected at rest and during transit should it be intercepted or exposed to unauthorized access. iManage also integrates with email systems, enabling lawyers to securely share information via encrypted email bodies and file attachments. Additionally, iManage offers rights management capabilities, allowing lawyers to control document access, view, edit, print, and forwarding permissions so confidentiality is ensured.

By integrating the Kiteworks Private Content Network with iManage, lawyers share sensitive files with complete security and compliance. For example, Kiteworks provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to strengthen access controls and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. It also offers file activity monitoring, allowing lawyers to track and audit file access and sharing activities, which helps in maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and the numerous state data privacy regulations across the U.S.

iManage addresses third-party risk, particularly as it relates to sharing sensitive content with trusted third parties, by offering robust access controls and permissions management, allowing law firms and other professional services providers to define granular access levels for shared files. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to files containing sensitive content, minimizing the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

Yes, iManage provides several options for securely sharing files with external parties. The platform offers features and functionalities that allow law firms and other professional services organizations to securely collaborate and share files with clients, partners, and other trusted third parties. iManage also enables granular access controls, allowing firms to define specific permissions and restrictions for shared files. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access and interact with the confidential content inside files.


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