FedRAMP for the Private Sector

FedRAMP for the Private Sector: Kiteworks FedRAMP Authorized Solution Benefits Commercial Businesses, Too

FedRAMP for the private sector enables commercial business to take advantage of cloud solutions that the U.S. Federal Government has certified to provide rigorous security controls, as this post explains.

If you think FedRAMP-authorized cloud solutions are just for government agencies, you aren’t alone.

As part its “Cloud First” initiative to drive cloud adoption across the Federal Government, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, was created to enable government agencies to quickly, rigorously, and consistently assess the security capabilities of cloud solutions.

As a FedRAMP-authorized cloud solution, U.S. federal agencies have official validation that the Kiteworks secure file sharing and governance platform is a superior solution for enabling government employees to securely access and share sensitive information.

But FedRAMP for the private sector means commercial businesses can also utilize Kiteworks FedRAMP Moderate authorized cloud solution and leverage the same level of control, visibility, and confidence that government agencies do when sharing sensitive information.

FedRAMP for the Private Sector

Many commercial businesses contract with government agencies and are strongly encouraged, and in some cases required, to use a FedRAMP-authorized solution to share information. Whether encouraged or required, using a FedRAMP-authorized solution to share sensitive information is a best practice.

FedRAMP for the private sector looks like this: a manufacturing company that makes components for missile systems. In order for the company to work with the Department of Defense, they must be ITAR compliant. ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations, is a regulation established to control (read: limit) the export of defense and military related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security. An ITAR violation can result in costly criminal or civil penalties, being barred from future business with the government, and in extreme cases, imprisonment. Because highly sensitive information is being shared, DoD needs to be convinced that the information is shared and stored securely with only authorized persons granted access.

Because the Kiteworks platform is FedRAMP-authorized, the component manufacturer’s choice to use it demonstrates to DoD a shared commitment to data security and privacy.

But FedRAMP for the private sector doesn’t just apply to government contractors.

FedRAMP for the private sector also looks like this: a technology company that hosts a global support web portal enabling customers to upload large files, logs and system dumps and receive case numbers assigned to appropriate folders. This upload activity occurs in parallel with hundreds of thousands of customer devices that “phone home” and upload files and system dumps to designated customer support teams. At any given time, there are 50-100 concurrent connections uploading reams of data to homegrown solutions, shared drives and an FTP server. In short, lots of customer data is being generated, shared and stored and it all needs to happen with the highest levels of security and compliance.

FedRAMP for the private sector would enable this company to ensure that the uploading and storage of this data is handled with rigorous security controls. By adopting Kiteworks FedRAMP-authorized platform to manage these file transfers, the company can reduce threats of data leaks and demonstrate to its customers that it takes security seriously.

Whether you need FedRAMP for the private sector or for government agencies, organizations using the Kiteworks platform have full control of their sensitive content. They also have full visibility into where sensitive content is stored, who has access to it and what’s being done with it. All file activity is auditable and allows organizations to demonstrate compliance with a variety of rigorous government regulations.

And as a FedRAMP-authorized cloud solution, the Kiteworks platform meets all the security requirements listed in NIST 800-171.

When commercial businesses choose Kiteworks FedRAMP Moderate authorized secure file sharing and governance solution, they demonstrate to their partners and customers that data security is a top priority. And having FedRAMP Moderate authorization as a baseline set of security controls provides commercial businesses a distinct competitive advantage. It’s a commitment to the highest level of content security.

Whether you have to comply with the Government’s Cloud First policy or are interested in learning more about FedRAMP for the private sector, Kiteworks FedRAMP authorized secure file sharing and governance platform can help.