Speed to Market | Secure MFT Server

Quickly Onboard New Trading Partners and Author Workflows

Speed to Market | Secure MFT Server

  • Speed authoring with the simple drag-and-drop flow designer.
  • Start transfers manually or trigger them with scheduling, polling, events, or completing a prior flow.
  • Optionally scan files with your CDR such as OPSWAT MetaDefender.
  • Perform renames and file transformations.
  • Create custom nodes securely in lightweight JSON, and import/export flows in YAML.

Deploy for Scale and Availability

Scale Out Cluster | Secure MFT Server

  • Scale out MFT Server nodes to handle massive loads and apply redundancy.
  • Reduce time and risk with the simplicity of a hardened virtual appliance and automatic updates.
  • Deploy on VMware or Hyper-V on-premise, or on AWS, Azure and other IaaS platforms.
  • Alternatively, use Kiteworks private cloud hosting, or a FedRAMP private cloud.
Scale Out Cluster | Secure MFT Server
Reliable | Secure MFT Server

Manage, Monitor, and Recover Transfers

Reliable | Secure MFT Server

  • Comprehensive graphical operations dashboard.
  • Use roles to manage users, set flow access controls, and separate duties for administration, flow authoring, and connection management.
  • Manage thousands of flows with convenient search and tagging.
  • Check status of all transfers and retries, and receive alerts of failed transfers.
  • Use detailed logging attached to each failure to correct issues and then retry the transfer.

Maximize End-to-End Security with Unique Vault-to-Vault Transfers

Prevent Breaches | Secure MFT Server

  • Utilizes your trading partner’s Kiteworks platform.
  • Stores content in hardened virtual appliances at both ends of the transfer.
  • Alternatively, utilize your trading partner’s SFTP server as the remote storage.
Prevent Breaches | Secure MFT Server
Connections | Secure MFT Server

Access Data in Folders, File Shares, Repositories, and Cloud Stores

Connections | Secure MFT Server

  • Connect to remote Kiteworks, SFTP and FTPS servers.
  • Store and retrieve from SMB and AWS S3.
  • Leverage the MFT Client to access repositories, local file systems, and hundreds of applications.
  • Track all transfers in the consolidated, standardized Kiteworks log.


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