Premium Support
Kiteworks Enterprise
Upgrade to Kiteworks Premium Support for a premier level of service,
featuring named support contacts, priority case handling, and faster
support response times.
Customer Support Standard Premium
24/7 Technical Support – Highly qualified Kiteworks support engineers address
system errors, loss of functionality, configuration issues, feature requests, and other
problems, via telephone or remote system access.
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Customer Support Portal – Designated customer users log and track cases, access
documentation and the knowledge base, and submit product improvement ideas.
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SLA for Support Case Response Times – Measured from the time the customer
reports the error to the time the support engineer provides a status report.
4 hours 1 hour
¡ Level 1 Critical Priority – a reproducible problem with material loss of
functionality or data
¡ Level 2 High Priority – a reproducible problem with severe restriction of
8 hours 2 hours
¡ Level 3 Medium Priority – a reproducible problem with non-material or
minor loss of functionality
Assigned and
investigated during
regular business
4 hours
¡ Level 4 Low Priority – an inquiry, or a problem that is non-reproducible or has
no material degradation of functionality
12 hours
24/7 Monitoring – The Kiteworks monitoring system will detect a system down within
15 minutes and automatically create a Level 1 Critical Priority support ticket.
¡ System hosted by Kiteworks
¡ System hosted by the customer*
¡ System hosted by another provider*
* Customer must allow network monitoring traffic to the Kiteworks monitoring server.
Customer Support Standard Premium
Priority Case Handling With Named Support Engineers – A primary and a second-
ary named engineer will be familiar with your account’s deployment and environment.
Named engineers have defined hours of availability, and calls outside these hours will
be routed to Tier 2 support or higher.
Updating and Patching – Kiteworks support engineers apply all software updates and
security patches per an agreed-to schedule.
Premium Support Phone Service – Calls are routed to a live customer service rep for
case logging, and then to one of your account’s named support engineers. (If neither is
available, or outside their published hours, it will be routed to Tier 2 support or higher.)
Annual Health Check and Deployment Review – A Kiteworks customer success
manager and engineer meet virtually with your administrator and other personnel to
help you maximize the value of your Kiteworks deployment. They will check for issues
with storage capacity, file consistency, contention, deadlocks, database consistency,
memory utilization, and CPU utilization.
Refresher Product Training (not related to Server Installation phase)
¡ Administrator training for new admins, and refresher/update for
existing admins.
¡ End-user training for the customers trainer and help desk personnel, who will
in turn train the end-users.
Roadmap Briefing – Customer Success and Product Management coordinate to
provide roadmap information. ü

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