Enhance Protection and Privacy of All File and Email Data

Enhance Protection and Privacy of All File and Email Data

Kiteworks is committed to securing sensitive information with ISO 27001 guidelines and investments in security governance, processes, and controls. With enhanced risk assessment and mitigation processes, regular internal and external penetration testing, an ongoing bounty program, and audits for SOC 2, FedRAMP, and other regulations, Kiteworks ensures the protection and privacy of information assets. Perimeter protection minimizes the external attack surface, while assume-breach architecture slows attackers and quickly alerts SecOps. With an ongoing focus on information security management, Kiteworks meets the highest standards for protecting confidential data.

Mitigate Cloud Risk Using the Kiteworks Private Content Network

The ISO 27017 standard provides guidelines for information security management in the cloud. Kiteworks is ISO 27017 certified, with a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS) that meets the standard’s requirements and addresses specific security risks associated with cloud services. The Kiteworks Private Content Network boasts defense-in-depth security, including built-in hardening, data encryption, and zero trust between services. This ensures organizations are well-equipped to manage the risks associated with cloud services and protect sensitive information.

Mitigate Cloud Risk Using the Kiteworks Private Content Network
Safeguard PII With the Highest Protection Standards

Safeguard PII With the Highest Protection Standards

Kiteworks is ISO 27018 compliant, providing secure protection for Pll in the cloud. Our ISMS includes essential controls such as encryption of PII in transit and at rest, access controls, regular security testing, and careful selection of cloud providers. Our customers have control over Pll with the ability to modify requests and retain encryption key ownership. We use the most secure encryption techniques including TLS 1.2 and AES-256 to secure PII both at rest and in transit. Choose Kiteworks for trusted protection of Pll in the cloud.

Kiteworks: A Leader in Data Security and Compliance With ISO Certifications and Robust ISMS

These certifications provide guidelines for information security management, protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information protecting PII in cloud computing environments. Kiteworks has demonstrated a commitment to its ISMS with investments in establishing improved security governance, processes, and controls, making it a leader in the field of data security and compliance. These certifications, along with the platform’s single-tenant architecture, a library of compliance certifications, and multilayered hardening, further validate Kiteworks’ ability to mitigate risk. Trust Kiteworks for a secure and privacy-compliant content management system.

Compliance and Certification Table

Kiteworks touts a long list of compliance and certification achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard for organizations to develop, implement, and manage a secure environment for the confidential and sensitive data assets of their organization. ISO 27017 is an Information Security Framework that is specifically designed for cloud computing environments. It focuses on the secure management, handling, and processing of data in the cloud. Finally, ISO 27018 is a certification that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data and is specifically designed to protect personally identifiable information (PII) in a cloud computing environment.

ISO 27001 compliance ensures that an organization has controls in place to create a secure environment for handling sensitive data. This includes data encryption methods, access control mechanisms, and physical/network security protocols. ISO 27017 compliance demonstrates an organization provides security controls for managing, handling, and processing data in the cloud. This includes identity and access management, data access and sharing control, and security incident detection and response protocols. ISO 27018 compliance ensures that personally identifiable information (PII) is securely managed and handled in the cloud. This includes data security, privacy, and confidentiality of PII.

These certifications mean your organization has met the highest standards of information security and data privacy according to the International Organization for Standardization, a worldwide, non-governmental federation of national standards bodies. The ISO has implemented appropriate controls and processes to ensure that data is handled and managed securely and in compliance with both local and international regulations. The certifications demonstrate an organization’s commitment to data security, privacy, and confidentiality.

These certifications can provide organizations with a competitive advantage, as they demonstrate a commitment to data security and data privacy in accordance with the best practices defined by an international standardization organization. These certifications should reassure customers that an organization has implemented the appropriate controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their personal data.

ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 follow EU GDPR principles to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personally identifiable information (PII). These ISO standards ensure that the data is securely managed and handled, and that appropriate data security protocols are in place. Additionally, the standards help organizations comply with the GDPR principle of “data minimization,” which states that data should only be collected and processed if absolutely necessary.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates organizations are protecting data from unauthorized access and malicious manipulation. Additionally, it helps organizations to identify risks and implement appropriate security measures to prevent cyberattacks. ISO 27017 certification demonstrates organizations are providing security controls and measures to protect data stored in cloud computing environments. This includes identity and access management, data encryption methods, access control mechanisms, and security incident detection and response protocols. ISO 27018 certification demonstrates organizations are protecting the confidentiality and integrity of PII, and ensuring compliance with the GDPR principles.


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