Kiteworks Managed File Transfer: The Most Secure and Advanced MFT Solution Available Today

Kiteworks Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) is absolutely, positively the most modern and secure managed file transfer solution in the market today. Kiteworks Secure MFT, equipped with a multitude of sophisticated features, transforms how businesses approach, manage, and secure their file transfers. One of the key features of Kiteworks’ revolutionary managed file transfer solution is its advanced security hardening. This includes a built-in network firewall as well as a built-in web application firewall (WAF), offering organizations unprecedented protection against potential cyber threats and attacks.

Security doesn’t stop at the firewall, however. Kiteworks secure managed file transfer also provides AI-enabled anomaly detection. Kiteworks’ anomaly detection capability uses artificial intelligence to proactively identify and alert administrators, security analysts, and CISOs about any unusual or suspicious activity in their data transfers, assisting in the prompt detection and prevention of any potential threats. In addition, this powerful solution comes with intrusion detection capabilities, reinforcing its robust defensive shield.

One of the most critical aspects of Kiteworks secure managed file transfer is the safety and integrity of the files being transferred. Kiteworks MFT automatically scans files with an organization’s ICAP-compatible data loss prevention (DLP) solution. This integration allows the organization to prevent file transfers from leaking sensitive, confidential, or important data.

Kiteworks secure managed file transfer also integrates with ICAP-compatible advanced threat protection (ATP) solutions. An ATP integration lets organizations defend against complex and evolving threats that conventional methods protecting incoming file transfers might miss. Kiteworks secure MFT also integrates with content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) solutions. These solutions sanitize, rebuild, and verify the safety of incoming files, effectively disarming potential cyber threats hidden within.

Lastly, Kiteworks secure managed file transfer provides comprehensive access controls and audit logging capabilities so organizations can control, monitor, and report who has access to files containing sensitive content like personally identifiable information and protected health information (PII/PHI), customer data, contracts, and intellectual property. When organizations can track all file access and transfer activities, they protect their most sensitive content and demonstrate that control to auditors and regulators. Kiteworks secure managed file transfer truly offers the most contemporary and secure file transfer solution available today.

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