Why Kiteworks File Sharing?
Kiteworks’ File Sharing reduces risk and cost by leveraging a common secure
foundation with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and
data source connectivity. Feed real-time, comprehensive, indexed logs to SecOps
and leverage a thorough audit trail to minimize efforts for compliance audits.
Ensure Compliance and Data Quality With Total Visibility
Leverage detailed system logs, standard compliance reports, and security analytics
Demonstrate secure file sharing compliance quickly and easily for HIPAA and GDPR
Use detailed usage statistics to locate outdated, unused folders and files
Lock Down Access With Tight Security
Prevent secure file sharing leaks, breaches, and malicious attacks
Control folder structure, access, permissions, expiration, locking, and versioning
Protect data with strong encryption in transit and at rest
Ease Online Collaboration With Seamless Workflow Integration
Access a document from any enterprise repository from any device
Collaborate with any user, anywhere in the world
Make collaboration more effective with tools like tracking, versioning, and search
Optimize File Sharing Governance,
Compliance, and Content
Unifying, tracking, controlling, and
securing file sharing with Kiteworks
Simple, secure, private way to share
confidential information
Tight integration to email, mobile,
office, and enterprise apps
Flexible on-premises, private cloud, hybrid,
and FedRAMP deployment options