Struggles of Navigating ISO 27001 and TISAX

Navigating TISAX and ISO 27001 compliance can be daunting for automotive companies. Key challenges include implementing comprehensive security processes, managing complex processes, ensuring consistency across systems, and allocating sufficient resources for continuous monitoring and improvement.

Comprehensive Security Processes and Compliance Management

Built upon ISO 27001, TISAX requires implementing a range of information security processes and controls, including risk management, security policy, physical security, access control, incident management, business continuity, and compliance. ISO 27001 is an international standard that helps organizations identify and protect their information assets and establish a process for regularly reviewing and improving their information security program.

Comprehensive Security Processes and Compliance Management
Secure Content Management and Centralized Governance

Secure Content Management and Centralized Governance

TISAX requires organizations to effectively manage and protect sensitive content communications across various channels. Ensuring consistent security measures, access controls, and centralized governance can be challenging, particularly when dealing with multiple systems and platforms. Organizations must be able to demonstrate compliance through clear audit logs and real-time monitoring of sensitive content.

Ensuring Trust and Collaboration Among Partners

Aiming to foster trust and collaboration among partners in the automotive industry, TISAX enables mutual acceptance of information security assessments. However, achieving this level of trust requires organizations to demonstrate robust security measures and compliance with the standard consistently. Collaborating with external parties while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information can be challenging.

Ensuring Trust and Collaboration Among Partners

Kiteworks Features Seamlessly Support Compliance

Kiteworks’ ISO 27001 Certification Supports Protection

The Kiteworks Private Content Network (PCN) offers granular security and governance controls, enabling file owners to designate access privileges and collaborate securely with external parties. Real-time monitoring detects and prevents security breaches, ensuring efficient incident management. Kiteworks boasts a single-tenant architecture, granular access controls, multi-factor authentication, encryption of files at rest and in transit, and activity monitoring to ensure that sensitive information is continuously protected. The platform’s ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certifications demonstrate its ability to effectively protect sensitive content from cyber risk.

Kiteworks’ ISO 27001 Certification Supports Protection
Manage Sensitive Content With Access Controls

Manage Sensitive Content With Access Controls

Kiteworks helps organizations become and remain compliant with TISAX by providing a secure platform for managing and protecting sensitive content communications. The platform offers centralized content-based policy controls, enabling organizations to define and enforce user access levels for sensitive data. It ensures encryption of all content at rest and supports multi-factor authentication for enhanced security. Kiteworks unifies, tracks, and controls sensitive content across various communication channels, consolidating them into a single system. This simplifies the process of demonstrating compliance by providing a clean, consolidated, real-time audit log that feeds content, user, location, and time-specific information to SIEM systems.

Secure Third-party Communications

Kiteworks aligns with TISAX requirements and offers robust features to manage and protect sensitive content, enabling organizations to securely collaborate with external parties. With ISO 27001 certification, Kiteworks ensures the security of information assets through granular access controls, encryption, and activity monitoring. The Kiteworks PCN enhances access control, incident management, business continuity, and compliance, providing a secure platform for collaboration. By unifying security for third-party communications, including email, file sharing, mobile, managed file transfer, and SFTP, Kiteworks provides centralized governance and protection of sensitive digital assets, fostering trust among partners in the automotive industry.

Secure Third-party Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is an information security standard developed specifically for the automotive industry. It is based on ISO 27001 and ensures a uniform level of information security across the automotive supply chain, enabling mutual acceptance of assessment results among participants.

TISAX establishes a standardized approach to information security management in the automotive industry. It fosters trust and collaboration among partners by ensuring consistent security measures and reducing the need for duplicate audits. TISAX has become a de facto requirement for businesses operating in the German automotive sector.

A TISAX assessment is valid for three years from the date of the assessment report’s release. However, companies are required to inform the TISAX audit provider of any significant changes in their information security management system during this period. Follow-up assessments may be conducted to ensure ongoing compliance.

TISAX provides several benefits for automotive companies, including:

  • Standardized information security requirements across the supply chain
  • Increased trust and collaboration among partners
  • Reduced need for duplicate audits, saving time and resources
  • Improved risk management and protection of sensitive information
  • Demonstration of commitment to information security and compliance with industry standards

TISAX is based on the ISO 27001 standard, which is an internationally recognized framework for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). However, TISAX expands upon ISO 27001 by incorporating additional requirements specific to the automotive industry. These requirements cover areas such as data protection, prototype protection, and information security in the supply chain. While ISO 27001 provides a solid foundation, TISAX ensures that the unique security needs of the automotive sector are adequately addressed.


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