Proofpoint & Kiteworks Better Together

Complement Proofpoint’s powerful email hygiene and threat protection with Kiteworks’ comprehensive email encryption, compliance tracking and controls, and seamless usability.

Capability Proofpoint Email Protection Kiteworks Email Protection Gateway
Email threat protection – Defend your organization from phishing attacks, imposter email, malware, and business email compromise (BEC).
Email hygiene – Eliminate SPAM from users’ inboxes.
Automated email encryption policies – Give the encrypt-or-not decision for each email to automated policies, not users or plugins. Supports Microsoft AIM classification metadata.
Email encryption standards – Support S/MIME, OpenPGP, and Push HTML. Works with any standard email client and service without the need for plugins.
Automated certificate and key management – Free up IT resources and make encryption seamless for end-users.
End-to-end encryption option – Administrators, vendors, and governments cannot access emails in servers and in transit because they are encrypted in the sender’s client and decrypted only in the recipient’s client.
Unified third-party communications – Lay the groundwork to manage a single set of controls, policies, user roles, and indicators across all sensitive email and file sharing. Extend it to transfers via web forms, SFTP, MFT, and API integrations.


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