Why Kiteworks Secure Email?
Make sending encrypted, compliant messages and attachments easy from
wherever users work, on the web or mobile, in Microsoft 365 or other email
systems, or in enterprise applications. The Kiteworks platform automatically
applies your governance policies, encryption, and tracks every action in the
immutable audit trail you need to prove compliance to auditors.
Keep Secure Email Simple for Users and Recipients
Automated internal, external, and end-to-end security through an Email Protection Gateway
Plugins for large file transmission Microsoft Outlook and Office, Google Workspace
Recipients use their normal business email addresses for authenticated downloads and requested uploads
Shared mailboxes let service department employees send and receive from a single, governed email address
Govern and Protect Users’ Actions Without Getting in Their Way
Minimize exposure with role-based, granular controls, policy automation, and flexible authentication options
Utilize comprehensive activity logging and compliance audit reporting
Protect files up to 16 TB with a hardened virtual appliance utilizing strong encryption in transit and at rest
Scan incoming emails for malware and outgoing emails with your DLP
Optimize Email Governance,
Compliance, and Content
Unifying, tracking, controlling, and
securing sensitive email communications
with Kiteworks
Users send and receive securely and
simply wherever they work
Admins efficiently reduce
risk with role-based, granular
controls and automation
Flexible on-premises, single-tenant
private cloud, hybrid, and FedRAMP
deployment options
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