Empowering Robust Private Content Management With Kiteworks Advanced Governance

Transforming Regulatory Compliance, Legal Hold, and Threat Prevention for the Digital Era

In an age defined by digital transformation and data-driven decision-making, the task of data governance has never been more critical. It is this mission that underlies the functionality of the Kiteworks Advanced Governance solution—a comprehensive tool designed to bolster private content communications security, facilitate efficient legal proceedings, and simplify regulatory compliance.

Compliance Made Easy: GDPR and HIPAA Reports

Central to the Kiteworks Advanced Governance solution is its ability to generate GDPR and HIPAA compliance reports with ease. These reports do the heavy lifting for you by gathering all the necessary information required for audits. Moreover, they highlight discrepancies, offering the opportunity to rectify issues before an audit takes place. With these features, compliance becomes less of a burden and more of a standard operating procedure.

Solution Highlights

  • Report on compliance with ease.
  • Simplify legal hold and eDiscovery.
  • Prevent data loss.
  • Protection from malicious content.

Redefining Legal Hold and eDiscovery: Archiving Evolved

Legal hold has traditionally been associated with simple email archiving, but in today’s interconnected digital landscape, this definition falls short. Employees now exchange sensitive information across a range of channels, applications, and technologies, such as file shares, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP, custom integrations, and enterprise applications like Salesforce.

Kiteworks Advanced Governance harnesses these diverse inter-organizational channels, funneling them through Kiteworks. This central monitoring and preservation system simplifies legal hold, streamlining eDiscovery and any other investigative requirements. The solution even allows for exporting to archiving servers, ensuring data integrity and availability when it’s needed most.

To maximize security and compliance, a designated user with a special Data Leak Investigator role is given exclusive access to this data. They can use a dedicated reporting interface to capture the information necessary for an investigation.

Advanced Threat Prevention Integration: A Proactive Approach to Security

Kiteworks Advanced Governance doesn’t stop at regulatory compliance and legal hold—it also integrates with commercially available advanced threat prevention (ATP) solutions via the ICAP protocol. In addition, it supports Trellix ATP products and Check Point SandBlast, using native APIs.

Incoming content to the Kiteworks servers is sent to ATP servers, which scan for unknown threats. If malware is detected, the file is quarantined, and the incident is logged. Notifications are then sent to the appropriate security operations personnel, providing a proactive approach to threat management.

Data Loss Prevention Integration: Secure and Monitor Shared Information

Kiteworks servers support integration with commercially available data loss prevention (DLP) solutions via the ICAP protocol. The Kiteworks DLP module enables organizations to not only secure the information being shared but also monitor and analyze the contents of files being shared. It can filter content based on corporate policy, intellectual property protection, and compliance requirements. For documents that fail the DLP scan, admins can set a policy to log the failure, alert a security analyst, and have the option of automatically blocking the file until the security analyst unlocks it.

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) and Sanitization Integration: Preemptive Protection

Finally, Kiteworks servers integrate with commercially available content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) and sanitization solutions via the ICAP protocol. Incoming content is sent to CDR servers that deconstruct the file, remove components disallowed by the policy definitions in the CDR system, and reconstruct it as a sanitized file. In collaboration with Forcepoint, Kiteworks offers a joint solution using Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR to protect organizations from incoming content containing malware.

Kiteworks Advanced Governance provides an all-encompassing, versatile solution for modern private content governance challenges. It streamlines regulatory compliance, simplifies legal hold processes, and delivers robust security through integrations with ATP, DLP, and CDR solutions. By leveraging its capabilities, organizations can transform their data management practices, enhancing security and operational efficiency. It is more than a tool—it is a strategic partner in navigating the complex digital landscape. With Kiteworks Advanced Governance, organizations are well-equipped to safeguard their private content and maintain regulatory compliance, ensuring a successful digital future.


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