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A Kiteworks Corporate License—Achieve Optimized Risk Reduction While Realizing Cost Savings and Productivity Efficiencies

With a Kiteworks corporate license, you can ensure your company’s most sensitive content, no matter its source or destination, is securely communicated within your dedicated Private Content Network, while saving you money.
A Kiteworks Corporate License

A corporate license is a way to ensure that every new and existing employee and partner can always send, receive, share, and store sensitive content using Kiteworks, ensuring you have control over cyber and compliance risk for your sensitive information. It provides a license seat count far above your total number of employees, so admins never have to worry about having enough licenses to onboard a new supplier, grow a department, or even acquire a subsidiary. It gets renegotiated up or down at each renewal based on your latest number of employees so you can optimize your costs and ensure headroom for growth.

Less Cyber and Compliance Risk Organization Wide

A patchwork of licenses, department by department, creates the risk of non-served users falling through the cracks, using unapproved, noncompliant communication tools to get their work done. Coverage requirements might be carefully planned and satisfied at the beginning, but as new suppliers and outsourcers are added and as departments like HR and Finance add employees, it’s easy to miss new users and their risks—and they add up out of sight. A corporate license avoids this buildup of hidden risk by ensuring every new user is always covered.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

With a corporate license, your protection per dollar spent increases as you add users, while your costs stay steady and predictable. Administrators no longer waste time managing seats—purging low-usage users to make room for new ones—so they can focus on higher-value work and avoid bringing you mid-year budget surprises. The corporate license also gives you and the Kiteworks organization a framework to negotiate a steady, predictable overall cost that optimizes finances for both parties.

No Migration or “Upgrading” Necessary

When you acquire a corporate license, the Kiteworks fulfillment team sends your admin a license that they simply upload to their Kiteworks deployment. Instantly, all the new seats become available to your user base, so new users can be invited, log in, and/or self-register, depending on your administrative settings and identity management integrations.

If true risk reduction and cost optimization are important, then corporate-wide coverage of tracking, controlling, and protecting your sensitive corporate assets should be your priority.