Enhance Kiteworks Secure Email With the Email Protection Gateway (EPG)

Feature Selection Decision Guide

Solve your organization’s unique email risk management and productivity needs with Kiteworks Enterprise email, or level-up with the additional protection, privacy, and compliance of EPG.

Level 1: Ensure Email Privacy and Compliance With Kiteworks Enterprise

Kiteworks Enterprise provides powerful email protection and policy control capabilities as standard:

Double Encryption for the Strongest Protection: Encrypt sensitive emails with AES-256 ciphers in transit and at rest, and control content with policies for expiration, forwarding, viewing, download access, and domains.

Complete Control and Tracking for Streamlined Compliance: Track every secure email in the normalized Kiteworks audit log. It consolidates reporting into a centralized console along with your other Kiteworks communication channels. No more patching information together.

Reduce Workarounds Caused by File Size Limitations: File size limits can frustrate senders of terabyte files such as legal evidence and analytic datasets, incenting them to try unsanctioned, noncompliant workarounds. Kiteworks Enterprise email removes that risk and frustration by making compliant file transfers up to 16 TB simple and reliable.

Level 2: Amplified Email Risk Reduction With the Email Protection Gateway (EPG)

Take a giant leap forward in email protection and compliance with these additional capabilities:

Enforce Policies Centrally and Apply Broadly: The policy-driven Email Protection Gateway (EPG) automates encryption, providing seamless compliance and reducing user mistakes and workarounds. And because it sees all the outbound and inbound emails, not just the sensitive sent messages, it increases the power of audits and analytics.

Further Reduce Unsanctioned and Risky Workarounds: Kiteworks EPG makes email encryption invisible to users, removing another set of frustrations that may lead them to try unsafe workarounds. They work as usual, with their standard clients and without plugins, as the system applies your policies behind the scenes.

Universal Encryption Compatibility for Seamless Sensitive Data Exchange: Communicate with partners, customers, and regulators who require encryption protocols such as S/MIME, OpenPGP, and TLS. And because it’s Kiteworks, it automatically makes those protocols’ key housekeeping hassles invisible to your users, further reducing the incentive to try workarounds.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Feature Kiteworks Enterprise Kiteworks Enterprise + EPG
Decision of which emails to protect
Manual by end-user
Applies Microsoft AIP sensitivity labels in policies
Outlook plugin encryption automation based on 3 conditions
Centrally automated policies for encryption and over 60 other actions based on over 50 different conditions
Logging and audit coverage
Protected outbound email
All outbound and inbound email
End-user deployability
Web client/portal and mobile app
Outlook plugin for large files up to 16 TB
Automated key management
Any standard email client (no plugins needed)
Use cases
Outbound email protection
Large attachments up to 16 TB (via web and Outlook Plugin)
Scan files with DLP, antivirus (AV), and advanced threat prevention (ATP)
S/MIME encryption standard support
OpenPGP encryption standard support
Inbound email protection
End-to-end encryption (strict)
End-to-end encryption (w/scans such as AV, DLP, ATP)
Encrypt emails stored in external cloud email services
Microsoft RMS support with external email auto-conversion

Track Every Send and Receive With the Centralized Kiteworks Audit Log

No matter which feature you use to protect your email, you can count on the same unified visibility across third-party communication channels, and the same centralized view of all sensitive information shared outside the enterprise. With total visibility into where data is going, who is accessing it, and how it is shared, the Kiteworks Private Content Network enables tight governance, strict compliance, preemptive threat detection, and fast incident response.

Activity and Report

The comprehensive Kiteworks audit log helps employees in a variety of roles reduce risk and support operations. Compliance and privacy teams use it to demonstrate compliance with regulations and internal policies. SecOps uses its real-time syslog and SIEM feed for threat detection, alerting, and forensics. Admins use it in troubleshooting and monitoring.

Kiteworks enables these users with a variety of interfaces, such as the filterable and searchable Activity Log, scheduled and ad hoc reports, CSV exports, syslog feeds, APIs, and the Splunk Forwarder. Even end-users can track certain activities, such as downloads of large files they’ve sent.


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