Kiteworks Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT)

When You Absolutely, Positively Need the Most Modern and Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

Kiteworks Managed File Transfer: The Only Modern and Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

The first generation of managed file transfer (MFT) vendors developed their architectures in the 1990s and 2000s. But now we live in a world where advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks have become a business model, and it’s no longer enough to just encrypt the transfers and put access controls on directories. Because of this, Kiteworks reinvented managed file transfer with a modern, hardened virtual appliance architecture wrapped around a next-generation flow engine. We added enterprise scale-out and high availability ready for worldwide clusters in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. We further enabled scale and efficiency with access-controlled multi-user authoring and operations management, including a graphical flow designer, intuitive troubleshooting traces, and timing diagrams for maximizing throughput. And of course, security, security, and more security.

Hardened Virtual Appliance Hinders APT Attackers With Layers of Protection

Kiteworks Secure Managed File Transfer is deployed in a hardened virtual appliance for unmatched layers of security that protect your content and metadata. Built to minimize exploit opportunities, this hardened virtual appliance has demonstrated resilience against major vulnerabilities like 2022’s Log4Shell. The hardening process begins at product conception, leveraging security best practices like OWASP, defensive and offensive strategies, third-party penetration tests, and bounty programs for comprehensive security by design. The system’s embedded firewall and WAF protect the perimeter, while its assume-breach architecture safeguards against advanced threats. Key management options, double encryption for data at rest, and a variety of intrusion detection systems (IDS) further fortify your defenses. Trust in Kiteworks Secure Managed File Transfer, your ultimate shield against cyber threats.

Swiftly Identify Threats and Demonstrate Compliance With a Unified Audit Log

Our Managed File Transfer Solution harnesses the power of a centralized, comprehensive audit log to provide a consolidated view of all activities across all Kiteworks communication channels and system services. It’s designed to swiftly identify threats, enabling prompt remedial action and thorough forensics. Continuously feed standardized, pre-cleaned logs to your SIEM to give your SecOps team unparalleled visibility and control, enabling prompt remedial action and expedited forensics. And when it’s time for yet another compliance audit, you can depend on built-in reporting and exports to speed the preparations and ensure a strong compliance posture. With Kiteworks Secure Managed File Transfer, you’re not just tracking downloads, edits, configuration changes, and permission grants—you’re proactively safeguarding your sensitive content and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Enforce Granular Policies Centrally to Optimize Security and Compliance

The solution enables powerful productivity and compliance benefits of centralized policy enforcement. Kiteworks administrators define and enforce policies across the entire system, ensuring consistent application of security measures and compliance rules and simplifying audits. This centralized approach eliminates the risk of policy gaps and inconsistencies that can occur with a patchwork of separate controls for each communication channel. With Kiteworks, you’re not just enforcing policies—you’re building a robust, secure, and compliant digital environment.

Trust the Only Managed File Transfer Platform Tough Enough for FedRAMP and IRAP

Don’t take our word for it. Ask the accredited Third Party Assessor Organization (3PAO) who tested Kiteworks security and audited it against 325 security controls for NIST 800-53. The resulting U.S. federal government FedRAMP authorization enables Kiteworks-hosted systems to be used by federal agencies. And don’t worry that our security posture has slumped since the initial authorization: Kiteworks must repeat the testing and audit process yearly to maintain authorization. Similarly, an IRAP registered assessor completed assessment of cloud-hosted Kiteworks against 816 PROTECTED level security controls to enable Australian government agencies to use it. No other managed file transfer provider can offer you the peace of mind that comes with these rigorous, ongoing third-party security assessments.


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