September 2022
Kiteworks streamlines CMMC 2.0
compliance for organizations that need to
share controlled unclassified information
(CUI) with its U.S. Department of Defense
supply chain partners. It provides more
security, tracking, and control even as it
saves time and effort.
Top 5 Reasons to
Choose Kiteworks
Over PreVeil
for CMMC 2.0
1. Save Time and Effort With FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Out of the Box
Take the fast route to CMMC 2.0 compliance with Kiteworks, audited yearly and continuously monitored by a
certified third-party assessor, and authorized by the Department of Defense since 2017: https://marketplace.
fedramp.gov. Don’t be fooled by PreVeil’s “FedRAMP equivalent” claims, which mean federal authorization and
yearly reauthorizations are expensive, do-it-yourself projects.
2. Control, Track, and Secure All Your Sensitive Content Communication
Kiteworks addresses all the ways you send and receive sensitive content, including email, file sharing, SFTP,
managed file transfer (MFT) automation, secure forms, and compliant custom API integrations. Its unified
infrastructure, administration, policy controls, logging, and audit simplify compliance and lower costs. PreVeil
only offers email and file sharing.
3. Better Security With AV and Your DLP and ATP Scanners
Protect CUI transfers from spillage and malware by scanning with your data leak prevention (DLP) and
advanced threat prevention (ATP) servers, as well as Kiteworks large-file antivirus. Set policies for
quarantines, audit trail exports, and notifications. In contrast, the PreVeil server can’t scan content, increasing
security and compliance risk.
4. Easy, Compliant Transfers to and From Enterprise Content Repositories
Kiteworks users directly email, share, save, and transfer files stored in repositories like OneDrive, Box,
Dropbox, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, SFTP servers, and file shares. PreVeil users must copy files to their
desktop first, tempting them to save time—but lose the compliance controls and audit trail—by sharing in the
repository’s own user interface.
5. Really, Really Big Secure File Transfers
Kiteworks users reliably and securely send, share, receive, and save data-intensive, imaging, and CAD files up
to 16 terabytes in size. When networks fail, transfers restart where they left off. With PreVeil, users may revert
to other insecure forms of communication as email performance degrades above 100 MB.