Accellion is now Kiteworks

Accellion’s Brand Name is Now Kiteworks

Today we begin to usher in a new stage in our company’s history. We’re changing our brand name to Kiteworks!

Kiteworks has stood for years as the product name and the name our clients know as synonymous to the value our company delivers. Recognizing this, we wanted to bring that value to its rightful place in our brand hierarchy. And so today is the day we begin our journey of transition.

Certainly, this will be a journey. Accellion has a 20+ year history and as such has made its mark across many customer touchpoints. With such a deep-rooted association, transitioning will be a steady rate of exhaustive updates across our ecosystem over the coming weeks and months. Some items customers will notice immediately include a new logo that serves as the creative anchor of the company brand name and brand refresh. We’ve also created a brand style guide that will begin to transform the visual identity of our marketing and sales materials. Our website has a new homepage and URL— And our employees are now sending emails from email aliases. 

Of course, the change is more than aesthetics. It solidifies our company’s reason for being around a mission to empower customers to ensure regulatory compliance and effectively manage risk in every send, share, receive, and save of sensitive content. A mission to help businesses and organizations realize the “elephant in the cybersecurity room”—that sensitive content communications remains a largely unrecognized risk management gap. This gap will only continue to widen if unaddressed, and leave hundreds of thousands of organizations vulnerable to exposure of private, confidential, and mission-critical information.

Why change, why now? Well, the answer to that has many dimensions, but most importantly is what I alluded to during the beginning of this post, that Kiteworks is the most associated name to what we actually offer our customers. Additionally, we’ve found that basics like spelling, remembering, and saying the name Accellion was actually more difficult than it needed to be. We found customers, partners, media, and more stumbling through recognition and cognitive resonance. And as anyone worth a salt in marketing knows, everything you do should be easy for the customer—from understanding your value to remembering who you are. This and several other conditions made the decision a rather easy one.

All of us at Kiteworks are excited to begin this transformation and look forward to seeing how this journey improves the exposure of our message that content governance, compliance, and protection is the next frontier for security organizations to conquer in their quest to effectively manage their risk profile.

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