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Top 5 Ways Solution Providers Can Leverage the Kiteworks Channel First Partner Program to Expand Opportunities and Grow Revenue

Rapid evolution of digital transformation (DX) remains unabated. PwC found that 6 out of 10 executives indicated that digital transformation is critical for business growth this year.1 Not surprisingly, IDC forecasts 16.4% CAGR over the next four years.2 This explosion in DX accelerates the quantity of sensitive content that is created, shared, sent, received, and stored.

This offers solution providers an opportunity to expand revenue opportunities by delivering custom-tailored solutions that address the privacy and compliance of sensitive content communications. Solution providers that elect to partner with Kiteworks through the Channel First Partner Program have access not only to a comprehensive sensitive content communications governance, compliance, and security platform but to a breadth of sales and marketing go-to-market tools and support.

  1. Expand Opportunities by Tapping Into a Growing Market
  2. Two-thirds of organizations indicate improvement in their governance and protection of sensitive content communications with third parties is needed.3 The Kiteworks platform solves this requirement by enabling the creation of Private Content Networks that provide comprehensive governance, compliance, and security across different communication channels. Through the Kiteworks Channel First Program, solution providers can bolster their services portfolio with a sensitive content communications approach that streamlines and automates the send, share, receive, and store of confidential digital communications.

  3. Leverage the Most Comprehensive Content Communications Privacy and Compliance Platform
  4. Sensitive content is sent and shared internally and externally using multiple communication channels. Two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey indicated they use over four different systems to track, control, and secure content communications.4 This contributes to inefficiencies and higher risk—both compliance and security. The Kiteworks platform seamlessly centralizes sensitive content communications, including metadata, which meets today’s aggressive privacy and compliance requirements.

  5. Integrate Existing Client Security and Compliance Investments
  6. Many organizations continue to struggle when integrating existing security investments such as antivirus, antispam, data loss prevention (DLP), and advanced threat protection (ATP) technologies with the communication tools used to send, share, receive, and store sensitive content. The Kiteworks platform includes antivirus scanning and has prebuilt security integration with numerous technologies such as Check Point, Splunk, FireEye, and Thales, among many others. For instances where a prebuilt connection doesn’t exist, solution providers can leverage Kiteworks’ application programming interface (API) to do so.

  7. Achieve Incremental Value and Opportunities
  8. Channel First Partners are classified into four tiers based on their level of engagement, expertise in Kiteworks, and net-annual revenue they generate from Kiteworks deployments. Tiers include Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Authorized. Three different revenue streams are possible for Channel First Partners: 1) net-new registered deals, 2) renewals that are perpetuity based, and 3) new opportunities sourced via Kiteworks. New opportunities registered in the Kiteworks Partner Portal by Channel First Partners ensure that their renewal is protected. When Kiteworks sources new opportunities to Channel First Partners, they receive a lower discount off list prices.

  9. Capitalize on Innovative, Account-focused Marketing and Sales
  10. Channel First Partners can access sales, marketing, deployment resources, register their details, and manage their pipeline in the Kiteworks Partner Portal. Dedicated channel managers work with Channel First Partners on sales and deployment training, creation of value-add sales and marketing programs, and other channel enablement activities.

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