Rick Uses an Unsecure Web Form That Gets Hacked

Confidential business and personally identifiable information (PII) are often collected in web forms. Customers, employees, and partners upload their information into web forms that are used for myriad business purposes. Having a point-in-click authoring tool that is easy to use is just one of the requirements organizations need to seek out when evaluating their web form options. Without the right governance and security controls and tracking in place, the sensitive content captured in the web form can put an organization at risk of malicious cyber hacks and/or regulatory compliance violations.

Rick, the Risky Rabbit, met with Howard the Hippopotamus, the company’s HR manager, who assigned him a big project. Company employees are complaining about their healthcare coverage, and Howard asked Rick to capture input and information from employees that CEO Cecil and Howard need for an accurate assessment of the situation. To capture the confidential information from employees (which includes protected health information [PHI]), Rick needs a web form, and he turns to his colleague, Mac, the Malicious Macaw, for advice who recommends SurveySpider123.com. Rick finds it easy to use. But should he be more concerned about more than ease of use? When SurveySpider123 is hacked by a cybercriminal gang, Peggy, the Privacy Pig, tells CEO Cecil they have nothing to worry about, as it was prohibited from use by employees and documented in the company’s cyber risk management strategy, which complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Watch this video to find out what happens to Rick.


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