Kiteworks New Mobile App Provides Senior Executives Enhanced Productivity and Security

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Kiteworks mobile app for secure file sharing and governance. We’re pretty excited about this app. We think it is going to be a game-changer for busy executives who need secure, 24/7 access to critical business data and an easy-to-use solution for secure mobile file sharing.

To understand our excitement, consider a typical day in the life of any senior executive, say a VP, President, or C-level executive. These executives are seldom at their desks, where they could respond methodically to email as it comes in. Instead, they’re in countless meetings, taking calls in the car, traveling all over the world visiting facilities, talking to customers or partners, and closing business.

Work doesn’t wait for them to get back into the off­ice. As a result, they need real-time access to the most current data in order to make important decisions: Do we accept the customer’s terms? Is this presentation ready for the board of directors meeting? Do we hire this candidate? Does this discount cut too deep? The list of critical business decisions goes on and on.

And they need a way of communicating confidential information securely. They need fast, convenient secure mobile file sharing that works on smartphones and tablets. And because the information is more often than not sensitive in nature, senior executives need to have the confidence they can download it and share it without fear of the data being compromised, whether it’s a leak, breach, or malware infection.

Is this document from a customer sent via Dropbox safe to open? Has the data I’ve received and am about to forward met our internal DLP requirements? If an executives loses a phone or tablet, will someone be able to view the company’s new confidential sales forecast?

Senior executives now have a single solution that addresses the dual requirement of productivity and security: Kiteworks new app for secure mobile file sharing.

This is the mobile app for senior executives and business professionals who need to access and share content efficiently and securely while working outside of the office. All of the capabilities senior executives have grown accustomed to when using Kiteworks secure file sharing platform at their desk are now available in the new Kiteworks mobile app.

Features of the new Kiteworks mobile app include:

Because the new Kiteworks mobile app lets you access, edit and share sensitive content on the road securely and in compliance, you don’t have to worry about being unproductive while you’re out of the office. On the contrary, Kiteworks secure mobile file sharing app makes it easy to get work done wherever you may be.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fast Navigation and File access – find content faster, navigate folders more efficiently, and load, open and explore files easily with Home as your personal space
  • LDAP support for emails – share information easily with people in your org
  • MS Office Integration– iOS WOPI integration for full compatibility and functionality
  • Express secure camera – take a picture and upload it without saving it to the camera roll

The new Kiteworks mobile app is available now for new and existing customers in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you’re not currently a Kiteworks customer but are interested in efficient, secure, and compliant, secure mobile file sharing, visit us at or contact us today at

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