Revolutionizing Managed File Transfer: The Advantages of Kiteworks Over Axway MFT, With Bob Ertl, Head of Product Marketing

Bob Ertl is the Head of Product Marketing at Kiteworks. managed file transfer is a 20-year-old technology that is really about automating and operationalizing the transfer of large volumes of data, typically between a company and its trading partners—the third parties. It means there are large volumes of data, and reliability, of course, is very important as well as security and compliance.

Axway has a managed file transfer product. They’re a European provider of what I would call first-generation managed file transfer. They’ve been around a long time. We think of Kiteworks being a second-generation MFT tool that brings a lot of advantages to the marketplace. It really addresses the change in security that has happened over the last 20 years, with a fully hardened platform out of the box. You’re not going to get that from Axway or any of the other providers. A single log that provides all of the comprehensive information that you’re going to need to do your audits, then single-tenant hosting. If you’re interested in hosting, you’re not going to be sharing with other products in the same system. No chance of crosstalk between tenants there.

“It’s a full platform—world class secure email, world class secure file sharing, world class SFTP—all in that same platform, along with managed file transfer. Finally, if you need FedRAMP, this is the only place you can get it. We are so excited about the value that Kiteworks provides to the MFT market that we’re offering a year of free premium support to any customer who migrates over from Axway MFT. If you are serious about axing Axway, come over to and you can get started,” Bob says.


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