Mehreen Mir is the Contracts Manager at Kiteworks. Mehreen’s primary role is managing customer contracts, which include license agreements, supplemental data processing agreements, and business associate agreements. She also manages negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and then executing channel partner agreements. As a legal professional, she is responsible for sharing very sensitive documentation and information, both related to the customer and our company as well. So customers have a lot of confidence in using Kiteworks, where they are able to share sensitive information.

Mehreen understands what corporate legal departments face in managing customer contracts. She knows that there is an increasing need for corporate legal departments to collaborate securely and quickly on customer agreements. With Kiteworks, she is able to give corporate legal departments the necessary tools to work more effectively and intelligently.

Kiteworks allows legal teams to securely manage and store contracts, so no confidential information is lost or exposed. By using Kiteworks, legal departments can easily find the exact documents they are looking for without wasting time searching for them. The ability for multiple people to work on agreements simultaneously also saves time and increases efficiency.

Kiteworks provides secure data transfer options so that contracts can be exchanged safely between customers and legal teams. The system also encrypts data, ensuring that unauthorized users cannot access or modify confidential agreements. This helps prevent any data breaches or other security issues.

Mehreen Mir knows that Kiteworks is the right tool for corporate legal departments who need to work securely, efficiently, and intelligently. By providing secure data transfer and storage, automated contract generation, and other tools, Kiteworks helps make the process of managing customer agreements simple, safe, and efficient.