Knute Discovers FedRAMP Authorized Is a Requisite for a DoD Deal

Many federal projects now require vendors to have FedRAMP Authorization for Moderate Impact Level Information. This includes many U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) projects like the one Knute, the Noncompliance Numbat, and Patrice are working on. FedRAMP Authorization requires annual audits to ensure compliance with over 400 controls in personnel, IT, and physical security, continuous monitoring and vulnerability scanning, a separate virtual private cloud for all processing, encrypted file storage and transfer, and more.

In many instances, DoD suppliers cannot qualify for projects if they send and share sensitive content via solutions that are not FedRAMP Authorized. Knute fails to follow the direction of Calvin, the Compliance Cow, to get a sensitive content communications platform with FedRAMP Authorization, and he must tell CEO Cecil that, contrary to what he told her earlier, they cannot be included in the bid Patrice’s company is submitting to the DoD.


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