What You Need to Know About Kiteworks Private Content Network Capability

The Kiteworks Private Content Network video details the capabilities of the Kiteworks platform. It explains how enterprises can securely and easily share files with colleagues, clients, and partners. It demonstrates how the platform can be used to securely store, manage, and share digital assets, as well as access enterprise content from anywhere and from any device. The video emphasizes how easy it is to use the Kiteworks platform and how it integrates with other important cloud services, such as Google for Work, Office 365, and Salesforce.

The ability to access content from any device, regardless of device type, is also demonstrated in the video. The video also explains how the platform’s data protection features can be used to ensure compliance with various data security regulations. With these features, enterprises can ensure that access to content is only granted to those agents with the appropriate permissions and data can be encrypted in transit and at rest.

The video concludes by highlighting an example of a large healthcare system that uses the Kiteworks platform to securely store and share its critical data and files. The video emphasizes the importance of being able to securely share content in a variety of situations and how the Kiteworks platform can help enterprises do just that.


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