Frank Balonis, CISO and SVO of Operations at Kiteworks, outlines how to empower customer support and sales teams with Kiteworks’ secure Salesforce file sharing plugin. The Salesforce plugin allows support technicians and customers to quickly transmit confidential and sensitive information related to their system to resolve any issues.

With the plugin integrated with Kiteworks, a support technician can request a file and any information they want from the support ticket. That information is being requested from the Kiteworks platform to the customer. Once the customer uploads that information, the support engineer can quickly grab the information related to that support case, as it’s put right within the support case in Salesforce.

One of the mantras of Kiteworks is bringing Kiteworks to the user instead of making the user go to Kiteworks. And having it integrated into Salesforce allows the engineer to request the information and download it when necessary without going elsewhere. It does not interrupt any case-handling information that they have.

“Most of the compliance that’s required for our FedRAMP program is ensuring that we have Salesforce and Kiteworks set properly, which would allow us to show that only the proper engineers have access to the data while limiting the access of other users by reviewing the audit log of not only the Kiteworks system but the Salesforce plugin,” Frank says.