Accelerating Growth With the Kiteworks Channel First Partner Program: Kurt Michael on the Power of Partnership

Kurt Michael, the Chief Revenue Officer for Kiteworks, is primarily responsible for the company’s go-to-market as it pertains to presales, direct sales, and channel partners. “Our plan regarding channel first is to have all new business, net new logo business, going through a channel partner. The reason for that is we believe that our channel is essential to the growth and the scalability of our companies,” he says.

The Kiteworks Channel First Partner Program marks an exciting next step for the company’s go-to-market strategy. The program is designed to ensure that all net new logo business will funnel through a channel partner, boosting Kiteworks scale in the marketplace. Furthermore, any discounts or margins given to the partner on the initial deal will be carried through the renewal period with the customer.

To further support their partners, Kitework has provided a services playbook that enables partners to monetize services. This gives them the opportunity to generate additional revenue and margin. Kiteworks is also investing in those partners who are willing to make a similar investment with the company.

Interested partners can explore the Channel First Program on the Kiteworks website to get detailed information. The website has been completely revamped and rebuilt to make it easier for prospective partners to access information. Kurt Michael invites existing and potential partners to take a look and learn more about the program and its new opportunities.


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