Kiteworks For Free for Ukraine

Cybersecurity threat tracking and research shows a significant spike in cyberattacks targeting public and private sector organizations in Ukraine. Their sharing and storage of sensitive content communications is one of the threat vectors that can be targeted by the Putin-led Russian regime and affiliated malicious actors.

To help Ukrainian government agencies and businesses protect the sharing and storage of private information, Kiteworks is offering them free and unlimited use of the Kiteworks platform for six months.

The Kiteworks team will confirm the validity of each request (viz., a Ukrainian government entity or business) and then send out an activation email. The validation process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Create a Private Content Network With Kiteworks

Kiteworks creates a dedicated Private Content Network for internal and external communications that enables Ukrainian government agencies and businesses to:

  • Share and store confidential information that only they and those to whom it is sent can access
  • Control folder structure, access, permission, expiration, locking, and versioning and manage third-party access privileges to folders and individual files
  • Share sensitive data via any number of communication channels—web app, mobile app, secure email, file share, and file transfer

Ukrainian government agencies and businesses get the following capabilities with Business Edition:

Securely share files internally and externally using secure
email, large file transfers, and shared folders

Share content easily wherever the user is at using
Microsoft Outlook and Office Plugins, web apps, and mobile apps

Maintain full visibility and complete control of sensitive government and business content

Antivirus embedded

Send large files up to 2 GB

Store up to 1 TB

Bandwidth up to 50 GB/month

Hosted Cloud deployment

Up to 500 users


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