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Cartes Bancaires Makes It Easier for Employees, Partners, and Customers to Exchange Customer Data

Sharing Sensitive Data Is More Complicated and Riskier Than Necessary

Cartes Bancaires (CB) is the leading card payment and withdrawal system in France. Established in 1984, CB has grown to the point of near ubiquity in France. In fact, more than 60% of purchases in France are paid for with a CB card, totaling almost 13 billion transactions and 595 billion euros.

With over 72 billion cards issued, CB generates and moves a lot of cardholder data. The systems and methods used to transfer this data, however, were varied, complex, and disorderly, costing the company time and money and potentially exposing customers’ financial data to unauthorized access. Company employees typically attached this data to email messages or instant messenger texts or uploaded the data to a number of FTP sites. The method varied depending on the preferences of the individual handling the data, which led to a great deal of confusion. When these data-rich files were shared externally with customers and partners, more systems were introduced and complexity, confusion, and risk further increased.

“The transition to Kiteworks has been incredibly smooth. Both internal and external users are very happy.”

– Stéphane Jouanne, IT Manager, Cartes Bancaires

FTP sites were typically costly, inconvenient, and problematic, placing a significant burden on the IT teams responsible for maintaining them. Instant messenger and email only worked for certain (smaller) files and would still slow web server performance. CB outlawed open source and cloud file sharing systems because these solutions were inherently insecure. The company had to find a single, secure, fast, and user-friendly file transfer solution that could handle its data volume and sensitivity.

Choosing Kiteworks for a Single, Secure, and Simple Alternative to Complex, Unreliable, and Unsecure Legacy Solutions

CB concluded Kiteworks was the ideal solution as it addressed all the company’s file sharing and security challenges. Kiteworks’ security and governance capabilities, as well as its straightforward functionality, pleased CB’s IT team, security personnel, and end-users. CB deployed Kiteworks for a three-week trial period and feedback was extremely positive. CB made its selection official and began planning a wider Kiteworks rollout.

Case Study

Cartes Bancaires Makes It Easier for Employees, Partners, and Customers to Exchange Customer Data

The integration process into CB’s IT environment was quick and problem-free. Kiteworks was installed in only a week with limited assistance from the Kiteworks technical team. The IT team also quickly discovered Kiteworks was much easier to administer and maintain, compared to the FTP solutions CB had previously used.

End-users typically resist adopting a new technology solution, especially when it is sanctioned by IT, as the technology often requires a steep learning curve. This was not the case with Kiteworks at CB. Users across the organization found Kiteworks simple and easy to use, especially when compared with previous systems. Kiteworks’ user access authentication, for example, was instantly familiar. All a CB employee needs to access and use Kiteworks is a Kiteworks weblink, username, and password. “All it took was a two-minute demonstration and I understood everything. I now use Kiteworks to send all my files and encourage my colleagues and customers to do the same,” says one CB employee. The enterprise-wide deployment has a high utilization rate.

CB employees frequently share cardholder data with customers. These external users also use Kiteworks to not only receive statements but to upload forms and applications. Kiteworks is so easy to use that CB’s IT team has only needed to send out the “How to use Kiteworks” user guide on three or four occasions.

Recognizing the Benefits of an Easy-to-Use File Sharing Solution

Kiteworks has brought several tangible benefits to Cartes Bancaires. It is an easy-to-use and highly secure platform that has helped boost employee productivity, protect sensitive company documents, and decrease administrative burdens. “The transition to Kiteworks has been incredibly smooth,” comments CB IT Manager Stéphane Jouanne. “Both internal and external users are very happy.”


  • Standardize file sharing system with a single solution
  • Securely share and send sensitive cardholder data internally and externally
  • Drive adoption with an easy-to- use solution that employees, customers, and partners can use with little to no instruction

Kiteworks Solution

  • Secure file sharing, internally and externally

Business Impact

  • Mitigates risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Removes confusion among employees about which channel to use for sensitive data sharing
  • Reduces helpdesk tickets requiring IT to administer, maintain, and troubleshoot FTP issues
  • Improves customer experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use file transfer solution

“All it took was a two-minute demonstration and I understood everything. I now use Kiteworks to send all my files and encourage my colleagues and customers to do the same.”

– Employee, Cartes Bancaires

February 2022

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