Expand Visibility and Automate Protection of All Sensitive Email

Improving tracking, controls, and security in email communications with encryption automation and a seamless end-user experience

Why Kiteworks Email Protection Gateway and Automated Encryption?

Kiteworks Email Protection Gateway extends the value of secure email communications beyond the platform’s standard requirements of user activation or plugins, and automates the encryption, tracking, and controls, delivering more privacy protection and simplifying user experience and compliance management.

See What You’ve Been Missing

Lay the groundwork to normalize and leverage syslogs and metadata across all sensitive email within one centralized administration that also covers file sharing, web forms, MFT, and APIs.

Solution Highlights

  • Most comprehensive, private, and compliant email solution on the market
  • With standardization at its core means seamless implementation with any email client
  • Automation everywhere ensures lower administrative overhead and improved adoption

Reduce Risk as You Eliminate Steps

Give the encrypt-or-not decision for each email to automated policies, not users or plugins, and free up IT resources with automatic certificate and key management.

Unify Management

Lay the groundwork to manage a single set of controls, policies, user roles, and indicators across all sensitive email, file sharing, web forms, SFTP, and MFT.

Full Coverage

Extend protection to every email containing sensitive content that moves in and out of the organization natively in standard email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, and more.

You Control the Keys

Protect against Microsoft and governments from accessing your data stored and sent via Kiteworks. Files are encrypted and only you can grant decryption rights.


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