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Thousands of Private and Public Sector Organizations Rely on Kiteworks

Managing Private and Compliance Exposure Risk With the Kiteworks Private Content Network

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4.4 out of 5

"One of the few tools that fit our security requirements."

"We can send multiple files at one go and it is the most secured file system ever designed."

"Secure tool for sending and receiving the files."


4.4 out of 5

"Easy user adoption, top-notch support."

"Provides a unified, secure way to share sensitive content with third parties, which is extremely important to us."

"Enables us to see who is sending sensitive content, what that content is, and to whom it's being sent."

Gartner Peer Insight

4.2 out of 5

"State of art product for file sharing and collaboration."

"A tool to meet end to end content sharing needs for an enterprise."

"Excellent privacy aspect because Kiteworks take security very seriously."

Mandiant Protects the Sensitive Content That Helps Protect Businesses Worldwide

"The most valuable feature is the ability to send a large file of 30 GB in size and more. In Outlook and other email applications, you cannot send files that are larger than 20 MB. Kiteworks makes file transfer very easy and smooth."

- Sukkanta Banerjee, Sr. Software Engineer, Hi-tech Company

"The top two features are the two-factor authentication, which is pretty good. It's easily understood by the users. And their API is rather robust. We have numerous integrations that work off the API."

- Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, Hi-tech Company

Savings Bank of Mendocino County Makes Bank Easier and  More Secure

Case Study

Minter Ellison Protects Sensitive Data While Complying With Regulatort Standards

"The best part of this solution is that we can generate multiple reports about how the data is transferred and about user information or IP."

- Kishore Thotakoora, Consultant, Hi-tech Vendor

"Kiteworks completely 'ringfences' the company data."

- Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Consumer Goods Company

Case Study

Savings Bank of Mendocino County Makes Bank Easier and More Secure

Savings Bank of Mendocino County Makes Bank Easier and  More Secure

"Kiteworks is very easy to learn and for end users to use. As an admin, I have found the support staff to be extremely fast in responding and dealing with any issues that I have run into."

- Sr. Systems Engineer, Healthcare and Biotech Company

"Kiteworks is an impressive, automated app that allows us transfer files and also share files to different systems. It is very nice and user friendly."

- Muhammad W., Network Marketing Business

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