Transformative Data Protection in the Digital Age: Uniting Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN for Comprehensive Security

Navigating Complex Data Landscapes With a Cohesive and Content-centric Approach to Sensitive Information Protection

In the face of an increasingly complex digital landscape, organizations worldwide are grappling with the profound challenge of protecting their sensitive information. The rise of mobile and cloud technologies, coupled with the expanding perimeters of business networks, has created an environment where data is constantly on the move. This rapid and incessant flow of data across multiple channels and touchpoints exposes organizations to numerous internal and external threats. Conventional, siloed security solutions are no longer sufficient to address these multifaceted challenges. To effectively safeguard their sensitive information, businesses require a comprehensive and integrated approach that seamlessly unites robust data loss prevention with secure content communications and management.

Addressing this critical need, the partnership of Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Kiteworks Private Content Network (PCN) stands as a beacon of security in the digital wilderness. These two solutions converge to form a formidable line of defense that goes beyond traditional methods of data protection. This joint solution not only equips organizations with the tools to identify and protect sensitive unstructured data but also offers secure communications and management and sharing of such data. The combined strength of Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN ensures that the protection of sensitive content is both comprehensive and cohesive, covering all facets of data security and bringing new dimensions of safety to your business operations.

Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive Coverage for Sensitive Data Life Cycle
  • Unified Data Loss and Content Security
  • User-centric Approach to Data Protection
  • Enhanced Compliance With Global Regulations
  • Robust Protection for Dynamic Digital Landscapes

Holistic Unstructured Data Security

The combined power of Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN offers a complete view of data security. Forcepoint DLP excels at identifying and protecting sensitive data across various channels, such as cloud applications, networks, and endpoints. In unison, Kiteworks PCN provides a secure communications system for file sharing, managed file transfer, secure web forms, secure APIs, and email data protection. This holistic approach captures all aspects of data movement and protection, giving organizations a comprehensive insight into their unstructured data (content) landscape.

Robust Data Loss Prevention Within a Secure Content Communication System

Forcepoint DLP stands at the forefront of data protection with advanced features like optical character recognition (OCR), real name detection, proximity analysis, and context identifiers. These features provide robust identification for personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring that sensitive data is always under scrutiny. Paired with Kiteworks PCN, this powerful duo offers an all-encompassing data loss prevention strategy that covers data at rest, in use, and in transit.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

The combined solution of Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN bolsters compliance efforts by offering extensive coverage of global regulations and efficient protection of sensitive customer information. Forcepoint DLP covers over 370 policies applicable to the regulatory demands of 83 countries, while Kiteworks PCN provides secure and auditable means for data handling, sharing, and transfer, strengthening your compliance posture.

User-focused Insights for Reduced Risk

People are the key variable in data security. The integrated solution recognizes this and offers user-focused data protection. Forcepoint DLP provides insight into user interactions with data and applications, allowing for control based on user risk and data sensitivity. Similarly, Kiteworks PCN gives users secure tools for managing and transferring files, thereby reducing the risk of accidental data exposure.

The integration of Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN marks a significant advancement in the field of data security. This combination brings together proactive data loss prevention, secure content management, and user-focused data protection to ensure comprehensive coverage for sensitive data throughout its life cycle. But the true value of this joint solution transcends its technological capabilities, instilling confidence in businesses as they navigate the complex digital landscape. This isn’t merely a set of tools—it’s a transformative data protection system that equips organizations to tackle existing and emerging challenges with assuredness. By shifting the paradigm of data security, this solution acknowledges the necessity of a 360-degree protocol in our interconnected world. Ultimately, the union of Forcepoint DLP and Kiteworks PCN arms businesses with a comprehensive protection strategy, preparing them to confront today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties.


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