Top 5 Reasons totemo and Kiteworks Are Better Together

Take advantage of the incorporation of the totemo technology, renamed the Email Protection Gateway, into the Kiteworks platform. Kiteworks creates a dedicated Private Content Network (PCN) of internal and external digital communications that ensures zerotrust private content protection and compliance of an organization’s most sensitive information.

  1. Unified Sensitive Content Communications Channels
  2. Profit from simplicity and economies of scale when you integrate all your sensitive content communications into a single, hardened, compliant platform: secure email, file sharing, SFTP, managed file transfer (MFT), and forms. Use its REST APIs to leverage secure, compliant content communications in custom apps and enterprise integrations.

  3. Centralized Administration Across Multiple Communication Technologies
  4. Simplify administration with a single set of roles to centrally manage user policy controls, including external parties, across all your communication channels instead of separate controls for each service. Define contentcentric policies based on Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) labels, as well as policies based on locations, domains, users, and other factors.

  5. Consolidated and Normalized Syslogs for Compliance and Security Event Management
  6. Enable SecOps and simplify audit preparation with a true SIEM-ready syslog. It’s unified and standardized across the platform, so analysts see merged communication activity of individual users and specific content across all the communication channels. It collects every user or administrative action—as well as critical system activities—in a real-time stream so you don’t miss anything.

  7. Hybrid Single-tenant Hosting for the Highest Level of Privacy
  8. Choose the country or countries where your Kiteworks cluster will reside, and deploy on VMware, Hyper-V, AWS, Azure, or Kiteworks hosted. Plans for adding the Email Protection Gateway to Kiteworks FedRAMP hosting, the gold standard for cloud security, are underway. And because each Kiteworks customer gets an independent, single-tenant cloud, a single attack has no chance of breaching thousands of tenants as in the August 2020 Azure Cosmos DB incident. Only you own the keys, so only you can access the content—not vendors or authorities.

  9. Unlimited File Size Support
  10. Reliably handle massive file sizes, leaving users plenty of room for CAD, video, DNA sequences, and scientific datasets—and no reason for unsanctioned workarounds.


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