Secure Protocol Package: Strengthening Data Exchange With SFTP and SMTP

Leverage Enhanced Security, Compliance, and Scalability
in External Communications

In today’s data-driven world, the security and integrity of information exchanges have become paramount. Secure file transfers and email communications are no longer just a convenience, but a necessity. It is in this context that the Kiteworks Secure Protocol Package emerges as a robust solution. Offering two powerful tools—SFTP and SMTP—this package is designed to secure data exchanges and fortify the security protocols within your organization’s communication channels. These tools not only enhance the security of file transfers and email attachments but also inherit the broader benefits of the Kiteworks platform, including compliance, scalability, and high-availability features. As such, the Secure Protocol Package stands as a vital addition to any organization’s data security strategy.

SFTP: Secure File Transfers for External Parties

The Secure Protocol Package offers SFTP capabilities, allowing external parties to access shared folders on the Kiteworks server securely. This provides an SFTP server that inherits all the security, compliance, scalability, and high-availability strengths of the Kiteworks platform.

Employees can access the same folders through web and mobile interfaces, enabling them to manage folders, control external user permissions, and upload or download content. To reduce security risks from bot SSH login attempts, administrators can assign SFTP to a different port than SSH.

SMTP: Securing Email Attachments for Safe Delivery

The Secure Protocol Package also includes an SMTP service that offers a secure conduit for email attachments. This service is particularly beneficial for organizations using multi-function scanners that send scanned documents, such as financial statements, as email attachments to customers or other external parties.

By routing these emails through the Kiteworks SMTP interface, the attachments are automatically secured. The Kiteworks server strips out the attachment, secures it, and then places a secure link in the email before sending it to the recipient. This link allows the recipient to authenticate and then download the file securely. This feature can also be utilized by software applications that send emails with attachments.

The Kiteworks Secure Protocol Package is a powerful addition to any organization’s data security strategy. With its SFTP and SMTP capabilities, it ensures secure access to shared folders and safe delivery of email attachments, respectively. By leveraging these features, organizations can greatly enhance the security, compliance, and scalability of their data exchange processes. This package serves as a testament to Kiteworks’ commitment to facilitating secure, efficient communication in today’s digital world.

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