Revolutionary Enterprise SFTP

Self-service That’s Secure and Auditable by Default

As organizations rely more heavily on electronic file transfers to power key business processes and external partnerships, legacy SFTP server solutions strain under the pressure. Difficult to configure and secure properly, basic SFTP offerings complicate compliance, inhibit user productivity, and monopolize IT resources.

Kiteworks SFTP delivers a revolutionary approach. Built as an enterprise application rather than a sysadmin toolkit, it combines robust file transfer capabilities with centralized controls, simplified administration, business user self-service, comprehensive audit logging, and security by default—freeing up IT staff while empowering the business.

Give Control Back to Your Users (and Peace of Mind to Admins)

Familiar web-based folder and permission management enables business users to instantly add trading partners and work with files, without sending help desk tickets and without waiting for IT support. There’s no need to train users on arcane SFTP clients. And centralized policy controls prevent errors, so compliance and security concerns won’t keep you up at night.

Solution Highlights

  • Self-Service Frees IT and Users
  • Secure by Default
  • Built-in Audit Log Feed and Reports
  • Built-in Hardening
  • Scale-out and HA Clustering

Free Valuable IT Cycles for Strategic Initiatives

The intuitive, comprehensive admin console eliminates the need to write and maintain management scripts. Meanwhile, end-users manage the folders, files, and permissions themselves rather than taking up valuable IT time with low-value tasks.

Fortify Security and Enable Effective Audits

Safeguard your environment while simplifying audits with automatic, comprehensive audit log feeds, reporting, and compliance policy guardrails. All Kiteworks policy settings default to their least-risky values, and when a potentially risky setting is chosen, the console warns the admin and requires sign-off to avoid mistakes. Content is always encrypted in transit and at rest, and admins and the vendor have no access to content.

Keep attackers and employees out of the unified virtual appliance with built-in hardening, including a network firewall, zero-maintenance WAF, and intrusion detection. An ongoing bounty program and regular pen testing minimize vulnerabilities, and smartphone-like one-click virtual appliance updates make it easy to keep patches current. You can even configure SSH and SFTP to run on separate ports, sheltering both from port 22’s never-ending bot attacks.

Meet Evolving Demands

Straightforward server scale-out, storage scale-up, high-availability configurations, and self-service administration eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks. Easily deploy on-premises on VMware or Hyper-V, on your AWS or Azure resources, or have Kiteworks host the system for you in private cloud, FedRAMP, or IRAP environments.

Maintain Existing Workflows and Scripts

Trading partners enjoy uninterrupted service while you upgrade your infrastructure transparently.

Extend Compliance and Protection With a Private Content Network

Use the Kiteworks platform to enable a private content network (PCN) that unifies, secures, controls, and tracks all your private content communications, such as file sharing, email, and web forms in addition to SFTP. Add managed file transfer (MFT) for a layer of automation and operations management over content communications with your trading partners and other third parties.

While traditional SFTP offerings excel technically, in practical business environments their limitations quickly become apparent. Inflexible, complicated, and insecure by default, basic SFTP servers end up creating obstacles at every turn—for users, admins, and the organization as a whole.

Kiteworks SFTP breaks this mold completely with an enterprise-grade SFTP platform purpose-built for business agility, user productivity, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to folder management help desk tickets, manual processes, security gaps, and compliance scrambles. Kiteworks SFTP lets you upgrade a mission-critical capability for the compliance era, creating value across the business.


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