Managed File Transfer License Options: Streamlining Data Flow With Flexibility and Control

Simplified to Advanced: An Array of Features for Diverse Organizational Requirements

In today’s data-centric world, robust and flexible file transfer capabilities are vital for organizations of all sizes. Kiteworks offers a range of managed file transfer (MFT) license options, each designed to meet different organizational needs. These options—MFT Client, MFT Server Instance, MFT Server Enterprise Suite, and MFT Developer Mode—provide a diverse set of features to effectively manage and control data flows.

Kiteworks MFT Client: Empowering Single-user Operations

The Kiteworks MFT Client is designed for single-user environments, featuring a Node-Red based client flow manager. It facilitates easy management of data flows with a drag-and-drop authoring interface and supports both Windows Application or Service. This license also includes all Kiteworks Nodes, with no imposed limits on flows or transactions, providing the flexibility needed to handle diverse data tasks.

Solution Highlights

  • Streamline Single-user Data Flow With MFT Client
  • Enhance Team Productivity With MFT Server Instance
  • Optimize Enterprise Data Management With MFT Server Enterprise Suite
  • Enable Custom Operator Development With MFT Developer Mode

Kiteworks MFT Server Instance: Multi-user High-throughput Workflow Management

Stepping up to multi-user operations, the MFT Server Instance offers a secure, Airflow-based high-throughput workflow manager. It extends the drag-and-drop flow authoring and introduces an operations console for better oversight. Operating on a virtual machine with up to 4 vCPUs, it again imposes no license limits on flows or transactions. This option also introduces user roles and connectors for remote Kiteworks, SFTP, FTPS, NetApp CIFS, and SMB servers, extending the scope of data sources you can manage.

Kiteworks MFT Server Enterprise Suite: Advanced Capabilities for Comprehensive Data Management

The MFT Server Enterprise Suite is designed for organizations requiring advanced data management capabilities. Building on the MFT Server Instance features, it adds connectors for Cloud Services such as Box, Amazon S3, and Azure. It also includes content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) nodes, with support for Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR, ReSec, odix, and Sasa. Furthermore, it offers a custom Python node, security validation, external triggering capabilities, and an additional 4 vCPUs for more processing power.

Kiteworks MFT Developer Mode: Enabling Development of Custom Operators

Lastly, the MFT Developer Mode license option caters to those seeking to develop custom operators. This mode turns an MFT node into an environment for developing these operators rather than running production Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) or workflows. The license enablement function helps prevent the accidental, irreversible conversion of a production node to development, ensuring safe experimentation.

The Kiteworks Managed File Transfer license options offer a diverse set of tools for managing data flows. Ranging from single-user operations to advanced enterprise needs, and even development environments, these licenses provide the control and flexibility required in today’s data-driven world. With Kiteworks, organizations can choose the license option that best aligns with their data operations needs, ensuring efficiency and security in their data management practices.


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