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Patrick Spencer, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Kiteworks

Patrick Spencer, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Kiteworks

Patrick is charged with building thought leadership and communications programs that increase brand awareness and engagement and propel lead-generation programs, engaging with and mobilizing Kiteworks’ thousands of customers and partners via a multi-touch advocacy strategy, and operationalizing SEO strategies and marketing processes. He has nearly two decades of experience in various senior marketing roles within cybersecurity at Contrast Security, Fortinet, and Symantec. At Contrast Security, he worked with Contrast Labs to institute data science strategies to mine product data used to produce thought leadership reports that were pivotal competitive differentiators and demand-generation vehicles.

Patrick is the recipient of numerous corporate, industry, and media awards, having served as the editor in chief and publisher for various digital publications and initiatives such as CIO Digest at Symantec, The CISO Collective at Fortinet, and the Inside AppSec Podcast at Contrast Security. He holds a doctorate from the University of Durham and two masters and a bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University.

Data Sovereignty Best Practices

Data sovereignty is a critical element in today’s digital landscape. As organizations handle increasing amounts of data, it becomes imperative to understand the best practices for ensuring data sovereignty. In...
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