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Ensuring Compliance and Managing Risk in Financial Services Content Communications

Unifying, tracking, controlling, and securing sensitive content communications with Kiteworks
Why Kiteworks

Financial service providers like banks and insurance companies can protect the privacy of customers’ financial and personal information with Kiteworks, while meeting tough regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. And they improve productivity because Kiteworks automatically tracks and simplifies email, file sharing, managed file transfer (MFT) automation, SFTP, data rooms, and compliance audits.

Unify, track, control, and secure the PII and private financial information you receive from and share with clients and third parties:

Commercial/Wholesale Clients

  • Safeguard processing of businesses’ payrolls, banks’ credit card transactions, and wealth managers’ moves
  • Securely share customer financial information with other banks to syndicate large commercial loans

Retail Clients

  • Protect and audit content transfers when you deliver statements and clients’ application documents

Outsourcers, Data Houses, Regulators, and Partners

  • Protect personal information you send to outsource firms for non-core tasks like mortgage servicing or collections
  • Consolidate SFTP communications in a secure, scalable deployment, with unified governance and administration
  • Create and manage compliant, automated flows such as AML reports to regulators and statements to customers

Meet financial industry
compliance requirements
Protect the privacy of
customers’ financial records
Securely share financial
records between
financial institutions