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Top Five Advantages to Kiteworks Over Citrix ShareFile

Kiteworks goes beyond secure file transfer and can ensure that your entire enterprise has its own Private Content Network (PCN). With a dedicated PCN, you can ensure tracking, controls, and security across all critical people and machine communication channels.

  1. 100 GB vs. 16 TB File Size Capacity
  2. Kiteworks customers enjoy arguably “unlimited” capacity for sharing files. Up to 16 terabytes for use in sharing ensures that heavy files, such as videos, CAD, high-resolution imagery, and more, easily make their way from the recipient to the sender, securely.

  3. Seamless Native Email Client Encryption
  4. Kiteworks secure and compliant email capabilities go beyond plugins and portals. With the Email Protection Gateway encryption, tracking, and controls integrate seamlessly into native email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and more.

  5. Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
  6. When privacy and compliance matter, customers choose Kiteworks. With certifications in FedRAMP, IRAP, ITAR, and more, you can be certain that sensitive content complies with your business and government requirements.

  7. Extra Privacy Protection With Single-tenant Deployment
  8. A Kiteworks Private Content Network is never multitenant, so you can be assured your files don’t mingle with other companies’ information on the same server (or other companies’ hackers for that matter). On-premises, in the Kiteworks cloud, or your own cloud, Kiteworks deployment is as flexible as your needs and your sensitive content is as private as you require it to be.

  9. More Than Just Secure File Sharing and Email
  10. As your Private Content Network, you can lay the groundwork for not just people to people secure and compliant sensitive content communications, but also machine to machine, people to machine, and machine to people, with Kiteworks automation capabilities across APIs and Managed File Transfers.

When it’s critical that the integrity of content privacy and compliance is not compromised, companies trust Kiteworks. Create a Private Content Network for your organization and start better managing risk across your organization’s communications infrastructure.

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