How CIOs Can Navigate the Complex Landscape of Cybersecurity Investments

Patrick Spencer, VP at Kiteworks, discusses how CIOs can navigate cybersecurity investments by prioritizing key factors like vulnerability management, supply chain security, personal data protection, and addressing human error while avoiding common pitfalls and misconceptions.

Kiteworks Advances NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Data Pillar Model

Kiteworks Private Content Network aligns with all seven of NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity for Data Pillars, delivering content-defined zero trust for federal, DoD, and defense industrial base sectors

San Mateo, CA – May 9, 2024 – RSA Conference 2024 – Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through its Private Content Network, announced today its Private Content Network aligns with the recently released National Security Administration’s (NSA) Zero Trust...

Kiteworks Signs CISA’s Secure by Design Pledge as an Early Signee, Reaffirms Security Commitments and Transparency

Pledge showcases Kiteworks’ ongoing commitment to security, featuring robust multilayer protection and leading certifications.

RSA Conference 2024 News – Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through its Private Content Network, announced today that it is an early signee of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Secure by Design Pledge. This commitment underscores Kiteworks’ ongoing...

It is Time for a Reset on Protecting Sensitive Content

This article in Document Manager Magazine by Kiteworks Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Tim Freestone argues it is time for a reset on protecting sensitive content due to the rise of AI, dangers of zero-day attacks, and the emergence of heightened risk around email, data...

Data Protection Steps To Consider After Biden Privacy Order

Explore the critical steps legal professionals must take to ensure compliance with the Biden executive order on securing sensitive personal data, including geofencing, operational changes, updated agreements, and robust security protocols.

How to Build Trust in GenAI with Zero Trust

Zero Trust Generative AI combines security principles like authentication, data validation, process monitoring, and content policies to create safe, accountable AI systems that can be trusted as the technology rapidly advances.

How to Keep Sensitive Content Locked and Safe

Power utilities are turning to private content networks and other cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure from rising cyber threats.

Gold Remains in the Healthcare Hills for Cybercriminals

Healthcare organizations are top targets for cyberattacks due to sensitive data, leading to high breach costs. Disaggregated communication tools and email encryption challenges pose risks.

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