Consolidate Your Third-party Communications for
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The Kiteworks Private Content Network allows organizations to control, unify, secure, and track all their sensitive communications from a single platform. By consolidating email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, enterprise application integrations, managed file transfer, and secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), organizations run “lean and mean,” unifying security and compliance, simplifying administration, enhancing scalability, and reducing costs.

With all confidential content “under one roof,” IT, security, and GRC professionals have visibility into where contracts, customer records, financial projections, and other sensitive files are stored, who has access to them, and track with whom they’re sharing them. Organizations in turn mitigate the risk of a data leak, pass audits more quickly, and demonstrate compliance with data privacy laws more efficiently. By consolidating all communication channels onto the Kiteworks platform, organizations control who has access to specific files and folders, whether they can download, edit, or just view content, and set expiration dates for better content governance. And say goodbye to managing multiple vendors. Kiteworks eliminates the administrative headache that comes with managing disparate file sharing and file transfer solutions. Fewer point solutions mean less hardware and software, less maintenance, and less cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By bringing together various channels such as email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, and application programming interfaces (APIs) onto a single platform, organizations can have better control and visibility over their sensitive communications. Consolidating communication channels allows organizations to implement unified security measures, track access and sharing of confidential files, and set specific permissions for user interactions. With all communication channels centralized, IT, security, and GRC professionals can easily monitor where sensitive files are stored, who has access to them, and with whom they’re sharing them.

Consolidating communication channels offers several benefits. First, it simplifies administration by reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors and solutions. With fewer point solutions, there is less hardware and software to maintain, resulting in reduced costs and maintenance efforts. Second, consolidation enhances scalability, as organizations can easily scale up or down their communication infrastructure within a unified platform. It also improves content governance by providing better visibility and control over who can access, download, edit, or view specific files and folders.

Yes, communication channels are easier to govern when they are consolidated. By bringing all communication channels onto a single platform, organizations can establish centralized administration and control. They can define and enforce consistent policies, permissions, and access controls across all channels, ensuring a uniform approach to security and compliance.

Consolidating communication channels onto a unified platform improves their security. By centralizing communication channels, organizations can apply and enforce consistent security measures across all channels, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance violations. Additionally, consolidating communication channels allows for more efficient monitoring, detection, and response to security incidents. Overall, consolidation enhances the security posture of communication channels and mitigates potential risks.

Consolidated communication channels can have a positive impact on employee productivity. Instead of searching through multiple channels or email threads, employees can leverage a consolidated communication platform to quickly access the information they need. This accessibility reduces distractions and interruptions, allowing employees to focus on their work more effectively. Collaboration also becomes more streamlined, as employees can communicate, share files, and manage projects all in one place. Decision-making becomes faster and more efficient, as information flows smoothly and teams can exchange ideas easily. Additionally, when communication channels integrate with other productivity tools and systems, such as project management software or CRM platforms, workflows become seamless, saving employees from manual data transfer and enhancing overall efficiency.


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